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20 Hadith For Kids

“Discover ’20 Hadith for Kids’ by Darussalam Publishers – a collection of sound Ahadith tailored for young minds. With simple

200 Golden Hadiths (Arabic)

200 Golden Hadiths in Arabic by Abdul Malik Mujahid published by Darussalam Publishers is a collection of 200 short and

A Guide to Salat ( Prayer )

There are many books dealing with the subject of Salat in both Arabic and Urdu. Many of these books are

Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s Treatise on Prayer ( Salah )

This treatise by Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, the deeply knowledgeable Imam of the Hanbali school of juristic reasoning, was written

An Introduction to the Science of Hadith

In this book we see highlights of how Allah preserved the Sunnah by enabling the Companions and those after them

Backbiting And Its Adverse Effects

This is a revised and updated edition of Backbiting (formerly entitled Gossip and its Adverse Effects). The translator, Huda Khattab,

Bid’ah: Understanding the Evil of Innovation

Bid’ah: Understanding the Evil of Innovation written by Abu Muntasir ibn Mohar ‘Ali and publihs by IIPH. The author discusses

Fasting, Taraweeh and Zakah

In accordance with the teachings of the Noble Qur?an and the honourable Sunnah, fasting, tar?weeh and zak?h are three acts

Good Character

Islam stresses much about acquiring the good character. Many Verses and Ahaadith give the Muslims the direction that they should

Islamic Dress code for women

In our world of chaos and confusion concerning the unending problems of sexual abuses and perversion, most mankind has all

Janaze ke Ahkaam

Funeral is an important event for all Muslims. For the deceased, it is his/her right upon the family and Muslim

Means of Steadfastness in Islam

Steadfastness and patient perseverance in Allah?s religion is a basic requirement that should be met by every sincere Muslim who

On The Mountain Peak

On The Mountain Peak by Darussalam is a book about pious people who race to repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness

Paradise: Its Blessings and How to Get There

The title of this little book sums up its contents succinctly: ?Ali Hasan ?Abdul-Hamid describes Paradise and its inhabitants as

Problems and Solutions

What should I do if I miss the fajr prayer? What are the consequences of excessive laughter? How should I

The Concept of God In Major Religions

There has always been a question in the minds of people about the existence of God. All major religions have

The Days of Prophet Muhammad with His Wives

The Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) had a large and lively household that was ?ruled? by his

The many shades of Shirk

In Islam, Shirk (polytheism) is the grievous sin that can not be forgiven until man turns to Allah in repentance

The Neglected Sunan of Prayer

The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) was reported to have said: ?Whoever performed a good sunnah

The Silver Dirham (The Power of the Shahadah)

Luqman Nagy’s “The Silver Dirham (The Power of the Shahadah)” by Darussalam attempts to relate the fantastic story of one

The Three Fundamentals, the Four Precepts and the Conditions of Prayer

As its title indicates, this booklet informs the reader about the fundamental tenets of Islam and explains the precepts of

What A Muslim Should Believe

Shaikh Muhammad bin Jamil Zeno is originally from Syria. Besides being a great scholar, he is also the author and