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A Taste of Patience

The writer is a survivor of an accident that altered his life. He is a man who managed to overcome

Abu Dhar Al Gifari Struggle for Equality

Struggle for Equality is a story of the Prophet’s Companion, Abu Dhar Al-Gifari -(R.A). He was a very special man,

Abu Ubaidah Bin Al-Jarrah (R.A) The Nations Trustworthy

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) publicly named ten men who he himself guaranteed would be in Paradise in the hereafter. One

Advisors of the Prophet (PBUH)

The book Advisors of the holy Prophet (SAWW) is the book that highlights the key aspect from the life of

Atlas on the Prophet’s (PBUH) Biography

Atlas on the Prophet’s Biography compiled by Dr Shawqi Abu Khalil & published by Darussalam Publishers. It reviews the biography

Child Companions around the Prophet (PBUH)

These companions are those bright starts who accepted Islam in their childhood and spent the entire life around Prophet (PBUH),

Commanders of The Muslim Army

This book is about the lives of those noble companions and commanders who led the Islamic forces in the violent

Companion around the Prophet

When I began writing the books “Golden Titles”, I felt that the contemporary Muslim Desperately needs serenity of the heart

Golden Morals

Golden Morals by Darussalam is a collection of stories from the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This

Golden Stories Of Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq

This book provides detailed and insightful glimpses into the extraordinary life of the first Caliph of the Muslims, Abu Bakr

Golden Stories of Muslim Women

All aspects of a woman’s personality that reflect her intelligence, courage, piety, abstinence, and chivalry are mentioned in this book

Golden Stories Of Sayyida Khadijah (RA)

Khadijah (May Allah be pleased with her), the first wife of Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him),

Golden Stories Of Umar Ibn Al Khattaab

This book highlights the interesting and valuable stories of Umar bin al-Khattab`s (May Allah be pleased with him) life. The

Great Women of Islam

There are best examples in the lifestyle of the Mothers of the Believers and women companions, especially for the Muslim

Imam Sufiyan Bin Uyaniyah (RA)

Imam Sufiyan Bin Uyaniyah (May Allah Have Mercy Upon Him) was a great Muhaddith and Islamic Scholar.

Imam Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah

This is the biography of notable Imam, Sufyan ibn Uyaynah, may Allah have mercy on him, who linked the generation

In Quest of Truth Salman Al Farsi

This is the story of the famed companion of the Prophet (pbuh), Salman the Persian and his incredible journey to

Khabbab bin Al Aratt The Teacher

Many Muslims who were weak and enslaved suffered inhumane persecutions in the early days of Islam. Yet, they remained steadfast

Misali Khatoon

Islam empowered women at the time when there was no concept of Women`s right in the world. `Misaali Khatoon` is

Muhammad Nasir Uddin Albani (RA)

Muhammad Nasir-ud-Dīn al-Albani (1914 – October 2), 1999 was Islamic Scholar from Albania specializing in the fields of Hadith and its